A Bit of History


The name “Augathella” (pronounced Org–a–thella) is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “water” or “waterhole”.  Ironically however, the township is situated alongside the Warrego River which means “river of sand”.  During the early settlement of Augathella in 1864, the town was originally known as “Burenda Township” and then became “Ellangowan” before finally adopting the name “Augathella” after a major pastoral holding in the area. 

Augathella also has the notoriety of being the base from which the ”bush ranging” Kenniff brothers operated for about 13 years and is the closest centre to the site of their notorious double murder of a Policeman and Station Manager who were trying to execute a warrant for their arrest at Lethbridges Pocket near Carnarvon Station in 1902.

For over a century, the township of Augathella was a main stop for bullock teams and drovers.  It was the junction of two major tracks, one heading north into central Queensland and the other heading south via Charleville into New South Wales.  The bullock teams would settle under the majestic local black butt trees to meet up and rest in between their long journeys throughout the Queensland Outback.  The bullock teams may be long gone with trucks, road trains and caravans in their place, but the legacy of perhaps those very same Black Butt trees providing rest and refreshment to those pioneering travellers lives on today at the Augathella on the Highway travel service centre.